You can post your own CC, stories, media, and fansites here in this forum!

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You can post your own CC, stories, media, and fansites here in this forum!

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:38 pm

This is the forum for your CC, media, sites, and just plain Sims 3 talk.
You can also post Sims help if you need any.

Here are some top Sims sites:

Official Sims 3 Site: For official Sims 3 news, updates, downloads, forums, help.

Mod The Sims : A forum and site for CC, uploading your own, programs, help, and more all for free!

Sim Progams/Spore programs : You can download patches, fonts, soundtracks and other cool media.

The Sims Resource : You can download CC & modding programs here. Some CC is for a fee.


We'd love to see your CC so upload it to Mod The Sims or []Official Sims 3 Site[/URL] and link your stuff in this forum! Smile


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Post by Youtubes on Sun Dec 25, 2011 9:48 am

Hey guys,
So I was wondering if any of you have got some free time so that yu can watch some of my videos on youtube. I need views so if you want to watch some/a lot of Sims 3 Vids go check out my channel! As I am a new person on this website I can't post links so search me on youtube, my name is SilvermistSparkle or just enter Funny Things on Sims 3 or Building of Beach House the 1st. Or something like that... Very Happy Thx I hope you like my vids, if so comment here.
Merry Christmas


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