Hi I'm the Admin!

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Hi I'm the Admin!

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:42 pm

Hi! I'm THE Admin! Some just call me....admin! No, but really you can just call me Jolie Razz Smile
Welcome to the forums and thank you SO much for joining!

I hope you take documenting up as a hobby whether big or small, and this is the place to start!
If you have ANY questions at all just ask here, the help forum, or PM me! Smile

We'd love to see you try, and if documenting isn't your think so be it! At least you tried. Razz

Please introduce yourself here in this forum, too! What do you like? When did you start simming?
I've started simming right from the deluxe edition of the original Sims and some of it's expansion's as well.

Click for HERE an explanation, example, and how to Smile

Thanks again! Happy simming! <3 Like a Star @ heaven


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