Angie from Plazaville part 3 (in progress)

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Angie from Plazaville part 3 (in progress)

Post by Katody on Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:02 pm

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Taking the day off, Angie was going to the diner for breakfast, but Randy caught her eye. He lived in the

 Simerset Apartment Complex. She didn't know that! He joined her for breakfast and they hung out at her

 place for a while.
"A lot of people are moving into the Simerset" he said. "Maybe you should try working for tips outside

 with all the hustle and bustle of ppl movin in and going out"

Great idea! And she planned to do just that after work the next day. The boss warned if she skips another day she's out!

Someone at work mentioned there was going to be a re-enactment of the Great Biz Bang Pow War at the

 military base. One of the drummers sprained her wrist and needed a fill in. Guess this was Angie's lucky day.

 Those tips at the Simmerset would have to wait.

She mad $300 and kept with the drumming Smile It ended at 5PM and she went to the Simerset to work for tips,

 hopefully getting something with Randy's idea!

Nope. The only person "moving in and going out" was a maid. The time was probably off. Maybe on her

 day off....
After work the day after, she went to go see Randy at the park. He was there, but not at the bar. There was a

 new bartender and Randy was playing chess, so Angie joined.

"What's up with the new guy?"

"Just moved in next door, needed a job, so I said 'well, why don't ya take mine'?"

They both laughed

"So does that mean you quit?"

"Pretty much. I got tired of it anyways."

Saturday was Angie's day off so she ambitiously tried AGAIN 2 make tips at the apartment complex of

 Randy's. If this didn't work out, maybe she needed a new plan. 

Well would luck have it, because Angie made $58 in the park in 5 hours. That's pretty bad, but at least she

 made something! She jumped right out of bed and straight to the park, so she hadn't time for breakfast. She

 went to the diner to celebrate and called up Randy. He came over and they argued. He changed his hair, she

 got a tattoo, her tips in the park stupid stuff. A man called her up.

"Remember me? It's Clay."


"I was at the park and gave you that $50 bill. You play FANTASTICALLY! We're neighbors."

"Oh that was you! You gave me my first tip Smile"

"Really? That's odd, because you are amazing. How about you come over for dinner as a housewarming gift
 from me and play me something nice? That song you played on that guitar got stuck in my head."

"It's a bass and uh...sure I guess. Anything for a fan!"

And so she went over to find a beautiful autumn salad waiting. They sat and talked. 

"How long have you been in plazaville, Angie?"

"A couple weeks. I'm not entirely sure I made a right choice, though. Not enough...spunk."

"Yeah, I've noticed that, too. There needs to be more happening around here. The population is too small

. I'm not surprised I'm your first tip after all these weeks. Most people move in here for jobs."

"What do you do?"

"I work at the science facility as a ____"

"How fun."

"You like the town so far?"

"The park is nice. I play there often as you know and my first friend here was actually the bartender who

 worked there for a while. He quit."

Clay's phone rang.

"I am SO sorry, Angie. Worked just called, I need to go. We'll have to cut this short but a rain check?"

"Sure. I didn't even have time to play my bass. I brought it with me."

"Another time then."


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